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To provide such superior service & professionalism that our clients, old & new, will be proud to recommend us to their friends.

About Simplex..
​With a variety of businesses offering tax preparation services, there is one thing that will set us apart from a few of them. Simplex is your go tax company to in the Las Vegas Valley. We are open year round to serve taxpayers nationwide with their tax preparation services. Tax season does not end on April 15th for us. Just as the IRS works year round, so do we.
Whether you need tax preparation done or need help opening up a business, Simplex makes the process easy and we guide you every step of the way. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a friendly smile from one our knowledgeable tax professionals.

Why choose Simplex?
Out of so many Las Vegas tax preparation offices, here at Simplex we strive to not only have customer satisfaction, but we want all of our clients to be confident when it comes to taxes. We believe only we will give you the level of service that will make you feel certain that we have extensively evaluated your particular situation, and exhausted all options to optimize your tax position.
We are here for you YEAR- ROUND, not just a seasonal business with no one to help you if you have questions during the year. Every client is our most important client – we are not a large corporation where you will be one more serial number.